Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Frank's Patch at East Budleigh

Today I drove down to East Budleigh.  I wanted to take some photos for the Dust Bunny blog and see if Frank had some plants for my garden.   When I got there it was obvious Frank was gone.  My heart sank.

Frank was a wonderful old gent, at least 90 when I met him.   He grew vegetables and flowers and sold them from his 'patch'.  He had a twinkle in his eye and spoke like a pirate  or an Elizabethan farmer.   He always gave you more than you paid for, extra veg, an additional plant or two.  He was the soul of generosity.

The first time I bought some plants from him, he handed me four tiny petunia plants.  I asked what colour they would be.  Frank twinkled at me and said, 'I shan't tell ye maid!'  I was smitten!

Dear old Frank, he is sorely missed. Everyone I spoke to today said so.  East Budleigh is still a beautiful village.  No one can take away it's charm but part of the magic is gone now.  There won't ever be another Frank Farr, his sort isn't made anymore.  

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