Thursday, 3 May 2012

Life's Not Fair- Celebrating an Excess of Good Fortune

It's not fair!  How many times have I thought many times have you?  I can still hear my Dad's voice in patient reply to my childish whinging, 'I never told you life would be fair!' 

Sometimes I still feel a little 'put upon' when doing a chore I don't enjoy, or when I've tidied the sitting room three times in one hour only to find it in disarray AGAIN!  I think,'Why are the menial tasks always my job!'  Mowing the lawn puts me in THAT mood.

It seemed like every garden task put me in that mood yesterday, then I realised how lovely the garden was beginning to look.  I watched the birds at the feeders while I had a cup of tea and my mood began to soften.

No, life isn't fair.  I have been so blessed.  I have a wonderful husband, family and friends that I love, a cosy home, a mad little cat and my health.   It's not fair for me to have so much.... I am grateful.  I still don't like mowing grass!

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