Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Plain Sailing

Over on the Deb's Dust Bunny blog, I've done a little piece about the first and only time I've been sailing.   I enjoyed the experience but it isn't a hobby I'd like to pursue.  At first I was a bit frightened, then I just got a bit bored.  It was a very quiet evening so there wasn't much wind. 

It made think, just because you aren't navigating rough waters doesn't mean you are having fun.  I mean, having it easy isn't always what makes you happy. That's why they call it the doldrums, not enough wind to fill your sails.

It's good to challenge yourself sometimes or simply to make a change. Try something different or new.  You may find it's like sailing and never feel the need to repeat the experience. You may find the passion of your life!  Saying that, with stronger winds on the open sea, sailing could be exciting.  Maybe I should give it one more try.

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