Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Making Something from Almost Nothing- Yogurt

Yesterday was my bread baking day.  I made my regular white loaf and a batch of Cinnamon-Apple muffins.  Today I am making yogurt.  I use a lot of yogurt in baking. It makes muffins more moist and cake-like and it's good to eat with fresh fruit or a drop of honey and vanilla.

It sounds weird, a bit old-hippy, to say 'I am making yogurt' but like baking bread, it's a very satisfying thing to do.   It doesn't take any real effort and requires only two ingredients to make: milk and a bit of  plain organic yogurt!

 If you buy plain organic yogurt you know how extortionate the price can be.  Next time you have a bit, save a few tablespoons to use as a culture and try making a batch of your own.  You can get the instructions from the Deb's Dust Bunny Blog - just click on the highlighted text.

It's so simple, like most really good things in life.  Who doesn't enjoy taking almost nothing and making it into something!

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